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Dec 9, 2013 5:00pm PST
october. saucegelhaus told investigatorsassualt rifle. >> pam: the lopez family has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the county and the >> pam: meantime. congress has approved a 10-year extension of a ban on plastic firearms. >> pam: the bill has to do with guns made of plastic -- that can evade metal detectors and x-ray machines. and can be made using 3-d printers. gun control advocates had pushed to toughentheir proposal would have required that plastic guns have an un-detachable part made of metal. the ban bill now goes to the president. >> reporter:developing tonight. >> reporter:we're learning new details about the asiana jet crash at the n-t- s-b gets ready to hold a two day hearing on the incident. officials will be investigating how the auto- throttle on the boeing 7-7-7 may have impacted the outcome. meanwhile, the san fransisco chronicle reports that three san frsncisco fire department commanders at the crash site had not received >> reporter:two people died and 181 wre injured when the plane crashed july 6th. another person survived the crash, but was run ove
Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
suspected hate crime at san jose state university. civil rights advocate ladoris cordell will head an head an independent task force. members will look into what rules were broken and recommend changes to ensure student safety. four white students are accused of tormenting a black dorm-mate. >> some scary moments for shoppers. about 15 shoppers and workers were hurt when a car smashed into the trader joe's in oceanside, new york. police say an elderly woman lost control of her vehicle and went through the store windows. a witness decribed the >> it came right through the registers, it knocked over all of our registers that's the first thing i saw was the registers being backed up and one of my very close personal friends, i just grabbed her and pulled her out. >> now word on what caused the loss of vehicle control. 12 people were taken to the hosptial -- two of them seriously hurt. >> lane is approaching the bay area and we're even seen snow. here is looks from highway 24. the snow levels are bought 3,000 ft.. and no. we are seen snow down towards a thousand feet. we even have heav
Dec 2, 2013 4:00am PST
, banana republic, cold and j.c. penney. we will be right back. >>darya: 545 right now grid of the civil war and today for the weather. hi erica. >>erica: today is the last day for mild and cool conditions. a cold blast is definitely heading our way. was it the live look from our mount tam cam. some areas of low clouds and. looks like a mix of sun and clouds for those of you in the south bay punter 7 day around the bay forecast a really highlights of those looks like we will hold on to this pattern as we head into the weekend but we will see sunny and clear afternoons. it will be chilly 3 of 547 is the time right now good morning george. >>george: not likely that we will see conditions quite as light as we saw last week. but we are off to a fairly good start here for your westbound the bay bridge. things are starting to back up a little in the cash lanes on the outside. but the rest of the ride looks good for your trip to the bay >>mark: the 49ers got wide receiver michael crabtree back against the rams and he promptly responded by making the longest catch by a niner wide out all season.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3